Article:  Leading Osteoporosis Author/Florida Orthopedic Surgeon advocates FIVE STAR ONSITE TESTING's services as well as innovative Silical System.

The only organization in the U.S. that SPECIALIZES in bone health programs which combine quality presentations with onsite, non-radiation bone density screenings!

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Bone Health Made Easy

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What Is YOUR "bone-health risk-level COLOR"?






 Kenneth C. Howayeck, DPM

Diplomate (ret.), American Bd. of Podiatric Surgery

Board Certified (ret.) in Foot and Ankle Surgery



 "Motivationally, Merging Measurement with Meaning."



The “5-START “ Approach to Absolute Bone Health IMPROVEMENT (or the “T.E.S.T.S.” approach)

5 steps in 5 minutes from 5-Star!

It is basically a start:, and here it is:


1.      (OR  T ) Tests.  2 of them:  Ultrasound Bone Density Testing (UBDT) and a Vitamin D Test (which is called the  “25-hydroxy Vit. D” BLOOD  test).  Get these 2 out of the way----now.

2.      (OR E) Exercise.  But learn from my lecture as to which of these actually WORK!

3.      (OR S) Supplement.  Learn from my lecture as to which of THESE actually work!

4.      (OR T) Tackle the OPPOSITION!!  (What substances are "opposing" your bone density improvement?  There are MANY.  Again, learn from my lecture as to what these are.  Tackle at least one of them, but tackle as many as you can!

5.      (OR S) Several months later, do #1 above AGAIN!  (& again & again to see if your plan is working!)  Because you obtained your "before" result in #1 above, you can now have an "after" to compare it to. Why is this particularly helpful?   Because you are now ENGAGED in your situation, in your progress.  Engagement leads to sustained action, and action leads to more reliable results.  Excitement, success, and perseverance will thus take hold over time.  Not only is all this proven, but it has been shown, through a 2005, 6-year, Cornell Hospital study to actually translate to dropping one's risk for a hip fracture itself--and by the figure of 36%, mind you.


 Five Star Honors the Academic and Educational Features That Are Integral to PROPER Screening Procedures







New, 2011 model, General Electric Lunar Achilles technology!

Skilled professionals to operate, interpret, and even counsel!




Long Beach, CA

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Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck, Director and Operator






UBDT = Ultrasound Bone Density Testing


FIVE STAR’S UBDS IN-CLINIC PROGRAM for Doctors and Personal Trainers


What is done:  One after another, many patients or clients from your practice (old, new, and prospective) would--on one designated day in the VERY near future—with most being pre-appointed for this—are briefly screened by myself, Dr. Ken Howayeck.  I would do so at your location.  I would do so at no cost to you.  I would do so right there, performing each quite rapidly, all of course to screen for Osteoporosis or Low Bone Density.  All participants typically leave such a program appreciative, well-informed, and quite glad that they came!

Offered to:  All Interested locations in Northern California—on their clinic or business premises.

The overall, practical advantage of setting up Bone Density Testings for all, so as to initiate awareness and apply the sound interests of proper health care:   It is to reach those who otherwise MAY NOT have been reached, unless screened in this manner---or quite honestly to reach those who otherwise would not have ‘gotten around’, themselves, to pursuing an effort to seek an appropriate Osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment---anyway.  The candidacy of those needing such an assessment, for many reasons, are much broader or liberal.  At the low level fee assigned to this, billing and 3rd party pay submission can and should in fact be omitted.  And of course, in a clinic setting, patients are advised of such prior to undergoing it.  Simple.


Many PURPOSES of this of this approach—for YOU, the provider, or enabler:  To promote office traffic, new patients, (and, if applicable and when done properly, this can certainly help with….) enhancing the clinic’s own nutritional supplement sales, providing a valued public service, can even serve as a ‘trial run’ of sorts for a possible, eventual in-house implementation of this type of service yourselves at some point.  All of these are options.  And if you wish, any of these objectives of course can be served in combination.


Also, for personal trainers:  There can also be direct shared revenue from screening fee itself, serving as a promotional event enhancement, and can even serve as a current fundraiser.


OTHER purposes and benefits of screening:  Enhancement of public image.  If you wish, you might even combine it with your own services to allow this to create additional ‘office visit’ revenue for you in the process.  This type of program, as you know, increases awareness (by them AND by you) for important impending or susceptible ailments.   And besides, it certainly helps for YOU to know these bone density results anyway, right?   And, for you to know them NOW. 


Cost to you:   With this program, as its host, there of course is no charge to you—for anything.

Time and effort on YOUR part:  Very little.  In fact, if wish, almost NONE on that day.   We need no assistance from you or your staff that day.  We do these Bone Density Screenings FOR you!

Cost to each patient:  Negotiable (recommended $20).

Demonstrate an image that portrays your personal and sincere willingness to care, to be comprehensive, to be different, and to be cutting edge!

Features of the particular company that performs it; Five Star Onsite Testing:   Five Star uses an experienced, very-personable podiatrist who has no practice or product that would tempt him to promote them, and will actually do the screening on your patients himself!  Also:  New and high-quality G.E. Lunar Technology is used, immediate results and a professional report is provided on the spot.  Only 3 minutes are consumed for each screening, and each patient is then appropriately referred back to their doctor at that point.  Other advantages of doing this with FIVE STAR, vs. others, are outlined in more detail on a separate and available handout.  (Hint:  Those advantages are BIG ones.  This outline I speak of is of course available on request.)



General Electric   -    Peripheral Quantitative ULTRASOUND Technology


Click above for a picture and description of the technology we use. 


·         This is not DXA we’re offering.  It is ULTRASOUND, which is ideal for screening purposes.

·         Screenings, as you know, have always been used for more efficient qualification of certain individuals for care, while appropriately combating premature committal for others.  As to the idea of “screening”, the following acronym might be useful in explaining this concept to your patients.  The following is a very basic outline as to what it really means, ideally, to s.c.r.e.e.n.:

So, in order to attain those purposes---and, in comparison to ‘other’ ways of doing things, your patients really need to know the following—



To our patients:

We provide....


REALLY effective ‘screenings’--when appropriate, and when done well--provide….


 Simplicity.  (It doesn’t GET any simpler!!)


Candidacy that’s enhanced.  (In other words, many MORE can justifiably undergo it!)


Repeat-ability for you in many ways, for various reasons.  (Do it again in fact, if you like!)

Expense that is lower, using Ultrasound instead of larger, more expensive equipment.  (Cheaper!)


Expedited process—a great deal so.  Fast.  (Wham-bam.  Thank you, mam!)


NO HARM—plain and simple.  No harm from you even OVER-utilizing this method--in any way. 

(Safe.  And why NOT do it?   After all, how much money and time and discomfort does it INVOLVE to be screened anyway?  Not much!!!!   Not only is this safe and painless, many say they enjoyed how it felt.)




Dr. Kenneth C. Howayeck, author of the book

Why Most People Should Have an Ultrasound Bone Density Test Done, AND
Why Most, Now, Should Do So More Often Than Ever 

Ken Howayeck, DPM;   (925) 858-5696

Certified Speaker, Foundation for Osteoporosis Research & Education (FORE);


Foot & Ankle Surgeon
Director, 5-Star On-SiteTesting; Long Beach, CA
Specializing in inexpensive, group Ultrasound Bone Density Screenings

"With every choice that each of us has made in our lives, it mattered relatively little
as to 'why' we chose to do some good for a part of the world.  But it mattered so much that we DID."


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